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In a very real way, John Fahey is a Godfather of mondayMEDIA. He gave Jon Monday his first music business job in 1970 as the sole employee of Takoma Records. In 2006 Jon Monday produced The John Fahey Tribute Album with the tracks and graphics being generously donated by musician friends and admirers of John Fahey.

Both The New Yorker and Washington Post ran stories on John Fahey and his considerable contribution to American music.

The mondayMEDIA Song of Winter 2018 Sing-along
Beethoven Ode to Joy from Symphony #9


The mondayMEDIA song of Autumn 2018
The Americans

The mondayMEDIA song of Summer 2018
LLorona preformed by Chavela Vargas
La Llorona is Mexican folk tale of a mother's spirit, grieving her lost children for eternity


The mondayMEDIA song of Spring 2018
Beethoven Symphony #6, 1st Movement


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